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We are a video production company

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We have created hundreds of videos, for many type of customers and screens from cinema, and television to mobile. Video creations and production services are in the center core of Wunderland’s talent. No matter if the client or project is big or small, or what the deadline is. We’ve got you covered!


In a nutshell, we create marketing and advertising videos both for smaller and bigger companies, and their marketing people and audiences, no matter if it’s a television ad, online video, interview, corporate or project video or animation. We bring creativity, good ideas and high quality for your project with reasonable costs.

During the years we have had an honour to work with companies and brands like: Teknos / Tallink / Upcider / Bitcasino / Microsoft / iGame / Booster / Norlyn / Yuneao / Mazda / Bigbank / Canal Digital / Fiskars / Lidl / Global Gaming and many more to come…

Henrik Visuri
Creative Director, Producer
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Our Story

Wunderland is a Tallinn, Estonia based creative media production house, established in 2011 by a Finnish creative entrepreneur Henrik Visuri, with more than 15 years of experience in advertising & marketing industry. During the years we have created and produced hundreds of different video for many type of customers. From small ones to very big ones with multiple shooting days in various locations with a hundred people filming crew.



It’s all about what you want to do and how big or small you want to go!


Starting from 2k

Fast and simple production method with compact crew, equipment, arrangements and post-production.

  • Man + Camera type setup
  • Simple post-production
  • Or simple animation
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Starting from 10-15k

Ideal for a high-quality but still compact video creation including all pre-production, arrangements, casting, locations, high-end equipment, art department, direction, filming crew and post-production.

  • Pre-production
  • High-end equipment
  • Superb filming crew
  • Casting, locations
  • Art Department
  • Post-production
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Starting from 30k

Ready to Hollywood? Let’s bring on board the industry top talents, starting from the director, cinematographer, most advanced equipment, filming crew, art department and styling, actors, locations and arrangements. All top notch including the final magical touch for the video under the finest post production.

  • High talent Direction and cinematography
  • Industry top Filming Crew
  • High-end equipment
  • Casting & performers
  • Styling & Art Department
  • Locations & arrangements
  • Post Production
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